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Council For Estate Agencies (CEA)

Approved Course Provider (ACP)

For RES And CPD Courses.



Be Trained By An Extremely Versatile & Professional Trainer, 

David Huan Who Has Conducted More Than 

120 RES Intakes Single-Handedly

(i.e. more than 5,000 Hours of RES Training)!

David came from a humble family and was not born with a silver spoon. David worked part-time during his school days just to earn some pocket money. Surviving with a family of 5 sons was not easy with parents earning meager income. Life for his family was tough and so David did not pursue his studies but instead volunteered to be drafted into the Army at a young age.

David was selected to attend the Officer Cadet School because of his excellent performance as a recruit. After being commissioned as an officer, he volunteered to join "The Commandos". He was Airborne and Ranger trained, etc, appointed as a Platoon Commando Officer and subsequently the Battalion Signal Officer in 1st Commando Battalion from 1977 to 1982. At the 7th Brigade Level he achieved the top few "Sharpshooter". He was later transferred to Ministry of Defence in 1982 and served till 1987. 

After a ten-year career in the Singapore Armed Forces, he left and joined the Real Estate Sector in 1988 but was disappointed with the Real Estate Agency Industry because of many unscrupulous and dishonest agents. One of David's former neighbour who was a Real Estate Top Division Director said to David, "Why are you so honest...... just 'Bullshit' your clients and you will make Top Income!" David decided to be a professional agent of integrity and character. He believes that one should never "LEARN THE TRICKS OF THE TRADE BUT TO LEARN THE TRADE!"

David opened his own Real Estate Agency in 1993 and worked hard on these areas as well as personal development and developed a solution framework that promoted a culture of integrity, character & accountability. He was operating his Real Estate Agency with more than 200 Agents. His Estate Agency had transacted more than 10,000 property deals including HDB Resale flats, en bloc sale of conservation shophouses, high-end luxury apartments, hotel, office buildings, Grade A office business spaces and Good Class Bungalows, etc. 

David has been in the real estate industry for more than 30 years and has an excellent reputation for his professionalism and knowledge of the area. He prides himself on applying his many skills acquired over the years in the industry to excel his clients' expectations.

He had conducted Common Exam for House Agents (CEHA - 3 Papers of Essay Exam Format) courses with very high passing rates since 1993 where many Salespersons have passed in their 1st attempt. He has also conducted Real Estate Agency Courses for aspiring Key Executive Officers. He conducted weekly in-house training under "Tuesdays with David" when he was a Key Executive Officer in his previous company. In short, David is passionately committed to Professional Training and Development of the Human Capital. 

David was very privileged and honoured to be one of the speakers on the panel in the Key Executive Officer Seminar 2011 organised by Council For Estate Agencies (CEA) on "Raising Professionalism & Service Quality" which was held on 18th October 2011. David also served in CEA's Disciplinary Committee from October 2014 to October 2018.

David holds a Certificate in Elements of Conveyancing Practice (SIM University), a Diploma in Real Estate and Property Management and a Full ACTA (Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment) certified by WDA (Singapore Workforce Development Agency). So far, he has conducted more than 120 RES Intakes single-handedly (i.e. more than 5,000 Hours of RES Training)! David had also conducted the following professional real estate training and development courses (not exhaustive):


Cooling Measures since 2009 & its implications
Total Debt Servicing Ratio & its implications
Budget 2013: Property Tax changes and its implications
2013 Population White Paper and its implications
Property Cooling Measures and its implications
How to Succeed in Real Estate
Real Estate Investor's College
Analyzing Real Estate Cycles, Trends & Market Conditions
Real Estate SWOT Analysis
Secrets of Selling from Real Estate Masters
21 Secrets of Real Estate Millionaires
Understanding The Option To Purchase
Understanding The Lease Agreement
Law Society of Singapore's Conditions Of Sale 2012
Understanding Code Of Conduct & Ethics
Understanding Master Plan & Development Parameters
Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty (ABSD) Computation
Seller's Stamp Duty (SSD) Computation
Calculating Development Charge & Differential Premium
Marketing of Landed Residential Properties 
Subdivision & Amalgamation of Land
Additions & Alterations of Landed Residential Properties
Redevelopment of Landed Residential Properties
Understanding Road Buffers versus Setbacks
Interpreting Cadastral and Certified Plans
Identifying Projects with En Bloc Potential
Introduction to En Bloc Sales Process
Subsale of Properties or Property Speculation
Sales of Residential, Commercial & Industrial Properties
Leasing of Residential, Commercial & Industrial Properties
Marketing of Residential Projects under Construction
Marketing of Commercial Projects under Construction
HDB Resale Transactions (Policies & Procedures)

    Updated on 25th July 2019



    Introduction to Commercial Leasing

    Leasing of Super Grade A Commercial Business Space

    Preparing Your Home To Sell
    Pricing Your Home To Sell
    Outsell, Outmotivate & Outnegotiate Your Competition
    Master Strategies For Higher Achievement
    Mastering The Art Of Selling Real Estate
    Mastering Your Telephone Skills
    24 Techniques For Closing The Sale
    How To Negotiate In Tough Situations
    How To Become A Power Agent
    Handling Objections, Closing The Sale
    Sell Like A Pro
    Professional Sales Negotiation
    Psychology Of Selling
    Psychology Of Success
    Advanced Selling Techniques
    Strategic Achievement Leadership
    The Art of Closing The Sale
    Tough Market Domination
    Master The Art of Effective Negotiation
    Creating a Culture of Excellence
    Attitude of a Top Producer
    Negotiation Strategies & Tactics
      In Our Power-Packed RES Course, David will also share:

      Secrets of Top Producers
      How to make $500,000 or more a year?
      How to identify En Bloc Potential in under 1 minute
      Court Case Studies on Riverside Piazza, The Calypso, Montebleu, Thomson View Condo and much more.......


          DAVID HUAN

          Be Trained By An Extremely Versatile & Professional Trainer, 

          David Huan Who Has Conducted More Than 

          120 RES Intakes Single-Handedly

          (i.e. more than 5,000 Hours of RES Training)!

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