1. What is the RES course?
The Real Estate Salesperson (RES) course is compulsory for all aspiring salespersons before they can sit for the RES examinations. Only existing Salespersons can do self-study and are exempted from the RES course until 30th June 2012. With effect from 1st January 2011, Salespersons must pass the RES examinations before CEA issues a salesperson licence to practice.
2. What is the RES course exam syllabus?
Course/exam syllabus for RES is accordingly stipulated by CEA. Kindly refer to CEA’s or our website for the RES detail syllabus. 
3. What course materials are provided?
Our RES course materials include more than 550 pages of course notes and all lecture training materials are on PowerPoint slides, Visualizer and Flipchart, etc. Additional notes will be given out as and when necessary. You will also be given model exam questions and answers.
4. Do you sell your RES course / CPD Course notes or other training materials? Do you print additional notes for RES participants?
We do not charge for hard copy of RES course notes and we do not sell any of the above-mentioned materials. We also do not print additional notes sent out via email.
5. Do you have other date / time slots for your courses?
Yes, other date / time slots are regularly updated on our website.
6. Who are your lecturers?
Our Principal Trainer is David Huan who holds a Certificate in Elements of Conveyancing Practice, a Diploma in Real Estate and Property Management and  also holds a Full ACTA (Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment) certified by WDA (Singapore Workforce Development Agency) and has more than 25 years of real estate experience. David has personally conducted 8 Intakes of CEHA courses in mid-1990s with very high passing rates. Other lecturers are very experienced lawyers from reputable law firms. All our lecturers are approved by CEA.
7. When will the Certificate of Attendance be issued and what is the minimum attendance required?
In accordance with CEA's regulation, Certificate of Attendance will only be issued at course completion end date and to those who have met the 75% attendance criteria.
8. Where can I register for the RES exam?
9. What is the difference between taking RES course from your centre compared to others?
Approved Course Providers (ACPs) have different presentation styles, lecturers and teaching methods. You are to make your own judgment and decide which one to attend. You may wish to know that all ACP's RES notes must be in accordance with CEA's mandatory syllabus.
10. Why are lesson schedule and course duration different among ACPs?
ACPs have different lesson schedule and course duration. However, these ACPs must develop a well-designed curriculum and course delivery plan to maximise the participants’ learning outcomes. The minimum classroom hours shall adhere strictly to CEA’s prevailing requirements 50 hours for RES course.
11. Is there a RES certificate validity period?
Successful candidates must apply for registration / licensing with CEA through respective Estate Agencies within 24 months from the date of issue of the RES certificate. Otherwise, the certificate will not be recognized for registration and licensing purposes.
12. Does passing the exams mean that I will automatically receive my salesperson licence?
After passing the industry exams you will need to fulfill the licencing criteria stipulated by CEA.
13. Is there any GST payable for the course fees?
BenchMark RealPro Pte Ltd is not GST registered. Hence, no GST is payable. 
14. Is there any Workforce Development Agency (WDA) funding for RES Course?
Approved SkillsFuture Funding for RES Course conducted by BenchMark is up to $650.00.
15. Who is CEA's Approved RES Examination Administrator?
NTUCLEARNINGHUB.COM is CEA's Approved RES Examination Administrator

Updated 3rd January 2022


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