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Becoming a Professional and Top producer in the real estate is not a destination but a journey. That's why Benchmark's CPD Courses can assist to increase your knowledge, enlarge your tents and keep you at the forefront of what's next. In short, it's about Ethics, Professionalism and Competency. 

New CPD Framework

The Council for Estate Agencies is implementing a new CPD Framework with effect from 1 October 2019.  This will apply from the next CPD cycle commencing 1 October 2019.

The new framework aims to facilitate salespersons in keeping abreast of the latest changes in policies and procedures relating to the property transaction process and ensure that they are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skillsets to thrive in the new digital environment. The new CPD framework includes a more structured approach to guide salespersons in achieving deeper technical knowledge and skillsets to perform duties in different segments of the property market. This new CPD framework is one key initiative of the Real Estate Industry Transform Map and is the result of a collaborative effort between CEA and the estate agency industry.

Courses related to professional competencies offer salespersons opportunities to develop and deepen their knowledge in estate agency work. These will be grouped into three categories: laws and regulations, property markets, and other related real estate knowledge.

Courses related to generic competencies will contribute towards salespersons’ overall personal development and sharpen their soft skills. These are grouped into 18 categories, including those on leadership, digital literacy, communication, and creative thinking.  

The current framework of CPD credit hours will be revised to CPD credits to better reflect the credit system. Under the new CPD framework, KEOs and salespersons are required to achieve a minimum of six CPD credits per CPD cycle. The six CPD credits must comprise four CPD credits from courses related to professional competencies and two CPD credits from courses related to generic competencies. CEA will grant CPD credits for courses under the professional competencies and KEOs will grant the CPD credits for courses under the generic competencies. CEA may introduce mandatory CPD courses in the future. Please refer to the following table for the structure under the new CPD framework:

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